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Zen Garden Bridge - 4 Feet

Zen Garden Bridge -4 Feet

Quality Cedar Construction - Low Price Guarantee One of the most popular additions to today's landscapes, our Garden Bridges are a must have. Whether you want to bridge a water way or create a dry bed, nothing will finish the effect like one of these Cedar Zen Garden Bridges. They can be left natural to age to a lovely weathered gray or finished with a protective finish to maintain their natural beauty for years to come. With our large selection there's sure to be one to compliment your landscape beautifully. It comes in 4', 6', 8' or 10' lengths to fit any application. It can be left natural to age to a lovely weathered gray or finished with a protective finish to maintain its natural beauty for years to come. Specifications & Product Comparison Chart 4' Bridge 6' Bridge 8' Bridge 10' Bridge Overall Dimensions 4' L x 26" W x 8.25" H 6' L x 38" W x 11.5" H 8' L x 48" W x 13.5" H 10' L x 48" W x 13.5" H Max. Bridge Span 34" 46" 66" 80" Max Weight Load 200 Lbs 350 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. Width Between Posts 16" 20" 26" 26" - Zen Garden Bridge -4 Feet - Also available in 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths,

Maple, Japanese Red

Japanese Red Maple

Can be grown as a small tree or upright shrub. Perfect for a traditional Zen Garden.

Zen Garden Asian Bollard Path Light

Zen Garden Asian Bollard Path Light

Achieve a beautiful mission look with this bollard path light. It is crafted of brass in an old bronze finish and features textured amber seedy linen glass panels. It includes 35 of usable 18-2 SP

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What Makes a Japanese Zen Garden So Special?

Creating a Zen Garden requires great patience and the ability to work with nature, rather than against it. Mosses don't grow on rock overnight - trees take many years to train - and a Zen garden takes a great deal of dedication in order to maintain its Zen simplicity. Traditionally, Zen gardens were integrated with Buddhist temples. In this way, Monks would spend their time in a kind of working meditation tending to the garden. The results were, and still are breathtaking. A visit to a temple like Ginkakuji in Kyoto reveal the masterful craft of Zen Garden design and centuries of careful maintenance of both the temple and the grounds.

"A Traditional Japanese Zen Garden Design may seem simple, however, close inspection shows an incredible attention to detail".

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